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    Which THALGO cleanser do I use?

    Jul 30, 2019, 10:00:00 AM

    THALGO cleansers are a wonderful way to start your skin care routine, day and night.  But which one is good for your skin?  Read the blog post to find which is most appropriate for your skin type.


    THALGO has a wide range of cleansers called Éveil À La Mer, which means "Discovery of the Sea".  These cleansers were created to meet the needs of every client.  They are our "Prepare Step" in all of the THALGO facial treatments and your own home care regimen.  The major active ingredient in each of these cleansers is Sève Bleue des Océans, which is a perfecting water, highly rich in minerals and trace elements.  It strengthens the skins barrier function, delivers immediate comfort and hydrates.


    So which one is for you?  Keep reading to find out.


    Gentle Cleansing Milk - ALL SKIN TYPES, even sensitive.  Also contains Allantoin for softness and hydration.  Removes make-up and significantly reduces discomfort for the most sensitive skin.

    Micellar Cleansing Water - ALL SKIN TYPES, even sensitive.  Alcohol and Fragrance Free.  Lifts off impurities for optimal make-up removal.  Great for someone who has no time.  This is a no rinse cleanser.

    Foaming Micellar Cleansing Lotion - ALL SKIN TYPES.  Lifts off all impurities for optimal cleansing.  A light, foamy texture for express cleansing.

    Cleansing Cream Foam - COMBINATION SKIN TYPES.  A complex of plant-based amino acid derivatives.  Creamy texture that turns into a light and airy foam on contact with water.

    Gentle Purifying Gel - COMBINATION TO OILY SKIN TYPES.  Contains 2 marine actives that are rich in zinc to help regulate sebum production.  Removes impurities and normalizes the skin without stripping/drying it.  A cooling get texture that turns into an airy foam upon contact with water.

    Make-Up Removing Cleansing Gel-Oil - DRY TO NORMAL SKIN TYPES (though I use it as a combination skin type).  A waterproof cleansing oil with Sunflower, Buriti and Sweet Almond Oils, for the face and eyes, to remove all types of make-up, even water-proof, without leaving a greasy finish.  Can be used alone or as a "double cleanse".  




    skin cleansing




    Remember to use cleanser that is specific for your skin type.  Choosing the wrong one can create a bigger problem than what you may have started out with.  As you can see, THALGO has a few cleansers for you to chose from.  There's something for everyone and they come in all different forms.  All work incredibly well as the, very important, first step in your skin care routine. 

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