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    What's my Skin Type?

    Jun 26, 2019 2:15:40 PM

    You've all heard the words Dry, Normal, Combination and Oily, but what does it mean?  Well, those are the 4 basic skin types. Some people might consider Sensitive as a 5th type, but I think of that more as a condition.  So how do you know which one you fall under?  Take a look at the characteristics of each type, and you should be able to figure it out.


    Before I describe each type, I want all you facial addicts out there to know that your esthetician should be giving you a skin analysis to determine skin type and any conditions at every appointment you have with them.  Even if they've seen you 100 times before, they should still be looking through the mag lamp, at your skin, to determine the most appropriate treatment for you that day.


    Now onto what skin type you are:


    Dry - This type does not produce enough sebum/oil.  End of story!  It's called alipidic, which literally means, "lack of lipids" (sebum/oil).  The follicle (pore) size is extremely small to non-existent.  A fair amount of people with a Dry skin type have skin sensitivity, as well.  The reason for this is because your barrier function is not healthy, due to the lack of sebum. The sebum isn't there to protect the skin.  We need to help the skin build that barrier function back up.  A lot of times your skin will feel tight or rough after you cleanse.  This skin tends to be on the thinner side, as well.  And just because you have a lack of sebum on your skin, doesn't mean that you can't get acne. You still can. Yes, acne prone people are more likely to have oily skin, but not all the time.  The biggest mistake I hear is that clients with DEHYDRATED skin think their skin is dry.  DEHYDRATED IS LACK OF WATER AND DRY IS LACK OF SEBUM.  Two totally different things.  A Dry skin type can be dehydrated, but remember, that's not what's making them a Dry skin type.  And we tend to get drier as we age.  THALGO products from the Cold Cream Marine range will definitely help this skin type.


    Normal - In my 19 years as an esthetician, I've maybe seen only one Normal skin type.  And that's a BIG maybe.  As much as you hear the words, "Normal skin type", there aren't too many people that have this type.  There is a 50/50 or "balanced" water to oil ratio.  The follicle size is even throughout the face and they tend be on the smaller side.  Most likely they have no blemishes and a nice even skin tone.  Basically you've struck gold with this skin type.  The best you can do for this skin type is prevention and SPF, like our 3 different F + J's SPF choices.


    Combination - I personally think that most of the world's population falls under this skin type.  You're both oily and dry.  The majority tend to be oily in the T-Zone, which is the "T" in the center of your face.  Your forehead, down your nose and then your chin.  And dry on the cheeks.  However, it can sometimes be the other way around, a Dry T-Zone and Oily cheeks.  Where the face is oily, the follicles tend to be on the larger size and the drier areas have an extremely small follicle size.  The T-Zone is prone to shininess, clogging and breakouts, but the drier areas can have rough patches and are very matte.  Combining products from both THALGO's Source Marine & Purity Marine ranges will work with this skin type.


    Oily - Every feel like a "grease slick" within 1 hour of washing your face?  More likely than not, you're an Oily skin type.  It's called "lipid skin" because of excessive production of sebum/oil.  There are large, visible follicle throughout the face.  To add insult to injury, our follicle (pore) size gets larger as we get older, due to loss of collagen. Nice, huh?  Acne and clogging can be frequent problems.  And the skin is usually shiny by mid-day.  Skin is usually thicker and coarser, but less fine lines and wrinkles as we age, due to the healthy barrier function.  This is all providing that you've taken care of your skin.  The worst thing you could do to this skin type is over dry or strip it.  If you're constantly trying to sop up the oil, your skin will think it has no oil on it and over produce oil to take care of the "problem". THALGO products from the Purity Marine range will be wonderful for this skin type.


    It's important to know your skin type.  Using the wrong products could be detrimental to your skin and undoubtedly cause you problems.  So did you figure it out?  Do you know what skin type you have? Our skin's needs can change over time, so it's essential to know how to treat it and keep it as healthy as possible.


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