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    Oct 2, 2018 9:39:00 AM

    Sunrise, FL  9/15/18 – Thalgo USA, the US Distributor for French Based Thalgo Marine Skin Care, announces the release of the new Exception Marine Skin Care range.  The all new Exception Marine directly addresses two common aging concerns: Skin Slackening and Loss of Density.

    The patented, Marine Substitutive Complex, exclusive to Thalgo, was formulated to revitalize the skin’s fibroblasts (cells responsible for the production of collagen) and increase their force. As a result, the new formula works to redefine facial contours, the skin itself, and fill wrinkles.  The new radiance trio in this product line contains a cell renewal activator that boosts microcirculation and infuses the complexion with a texture that encourages the assimilation of the main active ingredients.

    “Thalgo is continuously looking for ways to improve upon their already effective formulas. In this case though, they realized that while the former Ultimate Exception range was working, it was in need of its own “face-lift, ” explains Christophe Justens, President of Thalgo USA. The Thalgo R&D Team is always wowing us with their ability to make what is good even better. They are never content with what they have and that’s what keeps us ahead of the trends.”

    Thalgo products undergo rigorous testing before being launched, and the Exception Marine Range is no exclusion. Developed, patented, and tested in France, the following client results were noted:

    • 95% of users had an increase in skin density after 42 days
    • 95% boasted a fresher complexion after the first application
    • 86% said their skin tone was rosier after 28 days


    Continues Justens, “Based on this data, we feel the Thalgo Exception Marine Range is the perfect blend of the most effective aspects of the previous formula and the star ingredients of the new formula. To coin the cliché that we’ve got the “best of both worlds” in the bottle seems appropriate to say and we are so excited to share this with our spas and clients.”

    About Thalgo

    Founded in1964, the company’s aim was to manufacture algae-based products for the medical field. In 1968, the THALGO brand was registered and began supplying leading thalassotherapy centers with micronized marine algae. Today, THALGO has become the uncontested name in the world of “Marine Beauty." Creating, manufacturing and marketing treatments, cosmetic products and marine-based nutritional supplements in more than 90 countries for thalassotherapy centers, spas and resorts. Thalgo America is the sole distributor in the United States, operating as Thalgo USA. To Learn More about Thalgo, visit


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