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    Aug 8, 2018 1:30:00 PM

    Skin care is not an exact science and it’s very clear that no two faces are the same. So how do we tackle the age old question – “what skin care regimen is right for me?” Finding the right skin care solution is not difficult but it does require a little research. We recently wrote about the mistakes people make when choosing their skin care products and can offer a few additional ideas for inspiration in choosing skin care that’s right for you:


     1 ) Determine your skin type:


    • If your pores are small and you aren’t overly sensitive, you probably have normal skin.
    • If you have rough or flaking patches, your skin is dry.
    • If your pores are larger in size and your skin is shiny, you likely have oily skin.
    • If you have some areas that are oily and some that are normal or dry your skin is likely combination.


     2 ) Decide how intense you would like your regimen to be. You can be very basic and consider only a cleanser and a moisturizer, or you can add additional products such as exfoliators, serums and masks. Your budget may contribute to this decision as well.



     3) Pool your resources. Read periodicals, scour the internet, and spend time talking with an esthetician or a dermatologist. Be honest about your concerns and your goals. The professional you work with should be someone who does not represent only one brand – you need an honest, unbiased opinion and your regimen may contain products from more than place.



     4) Be patient. Your skin imperfections did not arise overnight and they will not disappear that way. Give your new routine time to work. Most products will show results in 4-6 weeks from the first application. Be open to changing things up and trying new things if your original choices don’t measure up.


    Most importantly – love your skin no matter what. It’s not going away anytime soon so be comfortable in it!

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