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    Is Your Spa Blah?

    Sep 17, 2018 10:18:00 AM


    Ever get the feeling that going to the spa has become more of a chore than a treat for some of your clients? For years, your loyal clients have come once a month religiously to the spa for the same facial. Industry averages show that 70% of new clients stem from word of mouth. So these loyal clients are a vital source of new business, but if they are no longer excited about your spa, they are not going to spread the word to other potential clients. So what can you do to get them excited about coming to spa again? Here are a few tips:


    • Change it up – Start with the spa itself. Move things around, paint the walls, move lamps and wall hangings or pick up a few rugs. It’s vital to keep your environment fresh and ever-changing. You will be surprised how much clients will appreciate the new look. Everyone needs change once in a while and if you invest a little in your space, it shows your clients how important their comfort is to you.


    • Offer New Techniques and Services – Clients need to know you are continually training and improving upon your skills and those of your employees. Be sure to let them know you have something new to offer. Post about it on social media and in your newsletters and in your spa too. Clients love to know that you are always looking for better ways to serve them and they will be more willing to tell others.


    • Bring in new products – You don’t have to change the skin care products you use and the treatments that go with them. But think about offering supplemental retail. This could be a new lip gloss that you found at the latest spa show. Or maybe it’s jewelry that you love and think others will too. It’s fun for clients to “shop” while they are in the spa and spontaneous purchases can make a big impact on your bottom line.


    • Offer a loyalty program -  Think of ways to reward your clients for being loyal to you and your spa. Whether it’s a discount on retail, a birthday treat, or even a complimentary facial after they have purchased a number of them. All options will work, but choose something that will be easy for you to keep track of and simple for the client too.  


    Showing loyal clients a little love may be all that you need to get them talking about you to others and in the end, word of mouth is really what you need to thrive in this ever-changing industry.



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